Compliance Services

Things we can do

Our firm works hard to provide exceptional results for clients in all areas of financial coaching.  We do offer a lot of traditional tax and accounting services that you’d expect a firm like ours to offer — but keep in mind you must be a member of one of our coaching programs in order to receive these services.

Compliance services offered by ProWise Financial Coaching include:

  • Income tax preparation (individual, partnership, corporate)
  • Periodic finacial statements (management-use only)
  • Payroll
  • Personal financial planning

Things we don’t do

There are also many other services that we get asked about from time to time.  These are services that we don’t really specialize in, or don’t like to do, or even some things we don’t do very well.  The bottom line is if we tried to do everything for everybody, it would detract from our core focus of service offerings that generate awesome results for our clients.  Here is a sample list of services we don’t provide (not neccessarily exhaustive):

  • Basic Tax Preparation:  If you have a very simple tax return and are simply looking for the quickest, biggest refund possible – we are not for you. We charge for our services upfront and do not accept any tax preparation work unless you are a coaching client. There are literally hundreds of places to have a straightforward tax return prepared, for less money than we charge, and we feel you’d be better served at those places if that is what you need.
  • Audits, Reviews or Compliations:  We’ve done this before and don’t particulary enjoy this line of work.  And with the amount of time it takes to keep up on this practice area, we again feel it would be a disservice to our coaching clients to take this on.  If you need your business financials to be reviewed, audited or compiled, we can bring on another firm competent in this line of work who can provide these services for you.
  • Non-Profit Organizations:  Our core service offering is all about growing profits and reducing taxes…two things non-profits are not particularly concerned with.  Again, it’s just not our specialty.  We can find someone to help you with this if you’d like, but it just won’t be us.

That’s about as straightforward and honest as we can be about what we do from a compliance standpoint.  You have to realize that financial planning, tax and accounting are broad fields and nobody can offer everything to everybody.  It’d be like a brain surgeon performing a triple-bypass surgery before lunch, then helping a toddler with their three-year old checkup.  It just doesn’t make sense to focus on multiple areas of practice if you want to be the best at any one of them.

We want you to be informed and choose the professional that’s right for you.  If that’s us, great.  And if not, we’ll help you find a suitable firm that can help meet your needs.

Investment Advisory Services are provided by Premier Financial Services, Inc., doing business as True Wealth Nation, a Registered Investment Adviser. Premier Financial Services, Inc. and ProWise Financial Coaching are independently owned and operated. Information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation for a purchase or sale of a security.