What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't
What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't
What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't
What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't

How Money Magnifies The Christmas Spirit

How Money Magnifies The Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas time for many reasons. One big reason is I love to see the goodness this season brings out in people. 

We talk a lot about making more money – becoming more profitable and saving taxes to keep more of what you make. That makes some people uncomfortable at times. I start to hear their money stories creep in.

They say things like “I make enough already” and “How much do I really need?”

My response revolves around the idea that if you have the systems in place to make more while working less, do it. I would do it all the time. I’m not coming from a place of greed here.

Money is a powerful tool that can change lives. And if you already have enough life-changing tools in your toolbox, make more anyway. Make more money and give it away. Change somebody else’s life.

What I’ve found to be true after 15 years of working in the financial services industry – money is a magnifier. If a person has a good heart, money will magnify that. The reverse is true as well.  Great people will do great things given the chance to make a difference. Bad people will have their choices and intentions magnified by money too.

Back to Christmas. I love this season. There is so much good in the world. If you aren’t seeing it, it is time to examine your network. Because it is out there. Or better yet, be the example that sparks a chain reaction in your own network.

Feel-Good Giving Stories

Here’s what happened in one week in December 2020. During a pandemic. During an election process creating a lot of division and controversy. It didn’t matter that any of that was going on. There were people in my circle of influence doing some pretty amazing things.

Here are some of the things I saw and heard over the course of a week:

  • People going out to eat and leaving 100%+ tips for their waitstaff
  • Business owners supporting service clubs collecting money to be distributed to local charities
  • Two entrepreneurs asking to deliver food and Christmas gifts to those who need it.
  • A retired banker gathering names for his annual Christmas giving – anonymously delivering boxes of food to families in need in his community
  • An entrepreneur couple “reverse tithing” – giving away 90% of their income and only living on 10%
  • A couple who had bought a house, car, and supplies for a family who had fallen on hard times

And there is more – MUCH more – happening out there right now. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The next time you’re contemplating how much money is enough, think of these examples. Think of the millions out there not fortunate enough to have a system like yours to create more wealth.  At the end of the day, do you want to be the person who can make a difference in other people’s lives? Or would you rather be the people who have to ask for help?

Make more. Do good. Magnify your heart. 

What other examples have you seen of selfless generosity? Not just around Christmas, but any time of the year?  I want to hear your stories and add them to my list.

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