Tax Coaching

Financial planning should start here.  If you can legally minimize your taxes, you can build your wealth without exposing yourself to more risk. Unlike other tax-related services, we are committed to helping you create a proactive tax plan, then coach you through the process to make that plan a reality.

Tax planning is the real key to beating the IRS — legally. We go beyond tax compliance and recommend proactive, plain-English concepts and strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

How Can I Pay Less Tax?

If you’re like most Americans, taxes are your single biggest expense. Cutting your tax bill can mean big changes and opportunities in your future. Can you imagine what you would do with an extra $12,000 per year? That’s the average amount we’re able to save our clients through our proactive tax strategies.

Our clients make more money and pay less tax by taking advantage of government loopholes. But it takes more than just learning about the hundreds to loopholes available to start paying less tax today. You also need to put these ideas into action – and that’s where we come in. You need a team of professionals you can trust to give you the best advice and develop your proactive tax plan

Our Solutions to Paying Less Tax


Your taxes are reviewed during a 60-minute complimentary analysis session.  During this session we will determine if you are missing opportunities for legal tax savings.  If we can save you significantly on your taxes, we will develop a comprehensive tax savings plan using our proprietary process.

Your Proactive Tax Strategy is customized to your unique business and personal circumstances.  It provides the plan you need to reduce your taxes legally, without raising “red flags” or using abusive schemes or strategies.

Although we can’t legally guarantee specific dollar savings, many of our clients enjoy saving much more in taxes than our overall fees.  We can guarantee that we will find you real tax savings that you’ll be happy with, or else you won’t pay our fee.


A good tax strategy is never final.  Tax laws change, rules change, and tax savings tactics come and go.  Likewise, your individual financial situation changes over time, so what works for you today may not be the best option in the future.

Your Tax Maintenance plan will allow us to update your Proactive Tax Strategy and continue coaching you on the best tax reduction options for you. This service is designed to work with your Proactive Tax Strategy.

With this service, you will get:

  • year-round access to your tax coach,
  • a year-end planning session to review your tax picture and highlight additional recommendations to consider,
  • preparation of your business & personal tax returns,
  • other tax compliance filings as needed (payroll reports, vendor 1099’s, etc.)
  • other customized services as needed.

How Do I Get Started?

After a simple, no-obligation conversation, we can determine if we’d be a good fit to work together.  If we both feel like we’d be a good fit after this conversation, the next step will be to assess your actual tax situation and start developing a customized tax savings plan customized for your and your business.

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