Tax Planning Process

We do more than help you record your history – we help you write it.  If you fall into one of these three categories, you can’t afford to not benefit from the expertise, analysis, and insight of a Certified Tax Coach:

  • You own a business:  Owning a business is the best tax shelter left in America – period.  Whether you have an established full-time venture or a part-time home-based business, I can show you how to take advantage of every chance to pay less tax.
  • You own real estate:  Real estate is a great tax shelter and the foundation of many family legacies.  There are various tax laws that make real estate affordable.  Whether you simply own your house, or also invest in family and commercial real estate, make sure you are not missing little-known, legal opportunities to pay less tax.
  • You manage investments:  You may not have a lot of control on how well your investments perform, but you can control how you pay tax on those investments.  There are also investments that offer tax-advantaged or tax-free income.  Do your advisors know how to structure the most tax-efficient portfolio for you?

As a Certified Tax Coach, I have received spcialized training in identifying proactive tax planning opportunities and applying them to your unique situation.  You can trust that I will work extra hard to find as many tax saving opportunities for you as possible.

I can give you the plan you need to minimize your taxes.  And I do it without raising “red flags” or using abusive tax schemes or agressive strategies.  Give us a call today and learn how a Certified Tax Coach can helpl you reach your goals.  You have nothing to lose, except more of your hard-earned dollars that you may already be overpaying to the government.

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