What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't
What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't
What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't
What the Top 5% of Doctors Know That You Don't

The Powerful Benefit In Skipping The New Year’s Resolutions

The Powerful Benefit In Skipping The New Year’s Resolutions

We get an influx of new clients every year. Most of them come with bad habits their past accountants taught them. Things I would never advise that don’t make much sense.

The week of New Year’s always allows for some time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Getting super excited once a year to make some big changes in my life just doesn’t seem that appealing to me. And the fact that they tend to fizzle out in a month or two left me feeling discouraged in the past.

Instead, I take time for self-reflection and strategic planning.

One thing came up this year I found particularly interesting. My near-constant state of evolution over the past 15 years.

My business has continued to evolve. I started as a low-value, high volume tax preparation firm. I always had the desire to help people in a bigger way than that, but that’s how it started.

My practice has since transformed into a high-value, boutique tax and financial consulting firm. One that I am proud to say helps clients reach their financial goals faster than they could on their own.

The process started almost immediately and has gone in stages, for sure. So much that I used to become discouraged at this constant state of change and evolution.

Thoughts would cross my mind about how I was always altering processes and programs. I would feel as though I wasn’t ever achieving my “dream practice”.

As I reflected on my progress this year, I am taking a different approach to this constant state of change. And by sharing it with you, my goal is to inspire you to do the same for your business and, thus, your life.

I decided to stop allowing this constant evolution to cause me anxiety. Instead, I choose to embrace it.

When I look at my practice now, I can see how all these small changes have added up to something much bigger.

It is full of clients who appreciate my expertise and who are getting great results from working with me. I enjoy our consultation calls with existing and prospective clients. I know I am helping them transform their own lives.

In many ways, the dream practice I set out to achieve has become a reality. Does that mean I am done evolving?

Not a chance.

Not when I know there is still more value to uncover. Still more transformational experiences I can provide to others. There is more to do.

How does this story benefit you? My hope is you look at areas of your life that are evolving and those that are not. Are you resisting the changes you need to feel fulfilled in life?

Resolutions come and go. Evolution is the single greatest force that constantly drives everything in our lives.

You can spend time and energy resisting it. Or you can make a shift like I did and embrace it.

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